Sweet & Sassy Romance

Miss Louisa’s Final Waltz
Book 4
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Miss Louisa's Final Waltz
When a proud beauty weds a humble costermonger, their worlds collide with challenges and secrets that only love can conquer.


Miss Louisa Highworth is celebrated not just for her stunning beauty, but also for her unwavering pride. Suitors from near and far seek her hand, only to be dismissed with a haughty demeanour that leaves them humiliated. Yet, it is the hundred-and-first suitor who would change the course of her life forever. After a heated confrontation with her exasperated father, Louisa, in a fit of anger, declares that she will marry the first man she encounters….

…Enter Robert Jones, a humble costermonger with an uncanny knack for appearing precisely when least expected. When Louisa’s impulsive vow spirals into an actual marriage, her entire life is upended. As she swaps drawing rooms for market stalls, the former belle of the ball begins to uncover the reality that life—and perhaps love—is not confined to the plush cushions of high society. As Robert and Louisa navigate their new life together, hidden truths surface, challenging their burgeoning love. But will secrets shatter their newfound bond, or can love conquer all?

This is a sweet and enchanting Regency Romance, loosely inspired by the timeless fairy tale King Thrushbeard.

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