Sweet & Sassy Romance

Merry Spinsters, Charming Rogues

Escape into the world of Sofi Laporte's Regency ton, where spinsters are merry, rakes are charming, and no one is who they seem.

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Lady Ludmilla’s Accidental Letter
Book 1
Lady Ludmilla's Accidental Letter
A resolute spinster. An irresistible rake. One accidental letter… Can love triumph over this hopeless muddle in the middle of the London season?

Lady Ludmilla Windmere is mortified. The spinster extraordinaire has fallen in love with her best friend, and that cannot be. The problem? She hasn’t met him. Not once. For they have only ever corresponded by letter. When she sets out to uncover his identity, her world shatters. For Addy turns out to be none other but London’s worst rake.

Adrian St.Addington is perturbed. The rakehell extraordinaire is developing a marked tendre for a spinster, and that cannot be. The problem? She might be mistaking him for someone he is not. Or, what is worse, know precisely who he is. A depraved heart like his surely cannot fall in love…least of all with a plain, outspoken spinster.

Determined to discover the truth behind the man she loves, Lu does what she does best: she sits down and writes a letter…

If you crave a humorous romp with witty banter and surprising twists, you will love Sofi Laporte’s charming masquerade.

Miss Ava's Scandalous Secret
She is a shy spinster by day and a celebrated opera singer by night. He is an earl in dire need of a wife - and desperately in love with this season’s opera star. Can love blossom out of this tangled web of deception?

The earl must marry.
Anyone will do, provided she is respectable and ugly. Tristan Sydney, Earl of Ravenscroft, is determined to get his own back on his tyrannous father, even if it means he’ll end up shackled to a spinster, buckteeth, and all. For no woman will measure up to the goddess he is hopelessly, feverishly in love with: Violetta Winter, the celebrated opera star. Little does he know that his shy little fiancée is about to lead him on a merry ride…and a lesson in true love.

Miss Ava Sackville must remain invisible.
For if her secret comes to light, a colossal scandal will smirch her stuffy but respectable family name and drag down her newly titled twin brother with her. So, when a dashing rake proposes to her out of the blue, she doesn’t think twice. Little does she know that she might be in for so much more than she bargained for. Dare she drop the masquerade to embrace true love?

This is a sweet, cheeky regency romp where spinsters are merry, rogues are charming, and nothing is as it seems.


Miss Ava’s Scandalous Secret
Book 2
Lady Avery and the False Butler
Book 3
Lady Avery and the False Butler
When a spirited spinster enlists her butler’s help to turn her life around, it leads to an unfathomable mystery, great danger, and a chance at love in this rollicking Regency romance.

Lady Avery Heywood has never been kissed. She’s never had a Season, danced the waltz at a ball, or been in love. The staunch spinster has resigned herself to a loveless existence, where she dutifully raises her brother’s four children and cares for an ageing aunt. But Avery yearns to break free from the shackles of her humdrum existence. Determined to check off each item on her list of unfulfilled dreams, she turns to her butler for assistance. Little does she know that beneath her butler’s unassuming demeanour lies a secret that could forever alter their destinies.

As Avery and her enigmatic butler navigate the bewildering world of high society and its glittering balls, their worlds collide in a tumultuous dance of mixed identities and hidden desires. But as class lines blur and danger looms, she wonders: Who is Jerkins, really? Servant, lord, rakehell…or perhaps even a daring highwayman?

Before long, Avery finds herself tumbling into a splendid adventure of mistaken identity, danger, and intrigue. In this lively and romantic tale of love against all odds, Avery will discover that true passion can be found with the most unexpected of people…

Immerse yourself in the world of Sofi Laporte’s Regency ton, where spinsters are merry, rakes are charming, and no one is who they seem.

Miss Louisa's Final Waltz
When a proud beauty weds a humble costermonger, their worlds collide with challenges and secrets that only love can conquer.


Miss Louisa Highworth is celebrated not just for her stunning beauty, but also for her unwavering pride. Suitors from near and far seek her hand, only to be dismissed with a haughty demeanour that leaves them humiliated. Yet, it is the hundred-and-first suitor who would change the course of her life forever. After a heated confrontation with her exasperated father, Louisa, in a fit of anger, declares that she will marry the first man she encounters….

…Enter Robert Jones, a humble costermonger with an uncanny knack for appearing precisely when least expected. When Louisa’s impulsive vow spirals into an actual marriage, her entire life is upended. As she swaps drawing rooms for market stalls, the former belle of the ball begins to uncover the reality that life—and perhaps love—is not confined to the plush cushions of high society. As Robert and Louisa navigate their new life together, hidden truths surface, challenging their burgeoning love. But will secrets shatter their newfound bond, or can love conquer all?

This is a sweet and enchanting Regency Romance, loosely inspired by the timeless fairy tale King Thrushbeard.

Miss Louisa’s Final Waltz
Book 4