Sweet & Sassy Romance

Wishing Well Seminary Series

The dedicated teachers of an esteemed girls' seminary find themselves in the most unexpected romantic entanglements. Each book promises a delightful blend of sweetness, sparring, and swoon-worthy moments, perfect for fans of clean, enchanting, closed-door Regency romances.

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Miss Hilversham and the Pesky Duke
Book 1
Miss Hilversham and the Pesky Duke
A strict schoolmistress. A degenerate duke. One house standing between them.

Weary of his decadent life, the wicked Duke of Rochford arrives in Bath with every intent to turn over a new leaf. But when the prim, meddling, feisty headmistress of the neighboring school unleashes her outspoken opposition to Marcus’s presence, he decides to turn his new house into a gambling den, if only to vex her.

Miss Eleonore Hilversham, headmistress of the Seminary for Young Ladies in Bath, has one aim in life: to run the most exclusive school in all of England. When she discovers that the property she needs has been snitched from right under her nose, she vows to get rid of the new owner, even if he is a powerful duke.

When tragedy strikes at the height of their conflict, both unveil facets of themselves that they have hitherto managed to hide. What heartbreak does Miss Hilversham harbor, and is the wicked duke really that wicked?

Can love prevail and triumph over clashing goals and personalities?

Miss Robinson and the Unsuitable Baron
When Ellen Robinson seeks out Baron Edmund Tewkbury in London to deliver his ward, he wheedles her into staying—as his wife.

A proper schoolmistress, an aristocratic nincompoop, and an improper proposal.

Edmund Graves, Sixth Baron Tewkbury, is in a pretty pickle after lying to his friend about being married. To save face, he must introduce a fictitious wife at a high-society house party. But where does one obtain a wife at the snap of one’s finger, especially when one isn’t keen on being married?

Miss Ellen Robinson is a respectable school mistress with no prospects of marriage. All she wants is to deliver Baron Tewkbury’s ward and return to her beloved seminary in Bath. When the baron makes her a shockingly improper proposal in exchange for assistance with her own family troubles, she finds it impossible to resist.

As she gets sucked into a whirlwind of scandal and deceit, Ellen discovers a most surprising thing: behind the mask of the nincompoop hides a very different man. Navigating the duplicity of their fake marriage, Ellen and Edmund realize their feelings for each other might not be as feigned as they thought. But how can true love prevail in this web of lies?

This is the second book of the Wishing Well Seminary Series, which can be read as a standalone.

Miss Robinson and the Unsuitable Baron
Book 2