Sweet & Sassy Romance

The Wishing Well Series

Four girls bound together by a wish…

The Wishing Well series are sweet Regency Romance novels with witty banter and a sprinkle of mischief, wrapped up in a heart-tugging happily ever after.

They are all standalone novels that can be read in any order, although you’ll frequently see characters from earlier stories.

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Recommended Reading Order

Lucy & the Duke of Secrets
Book 1
Lucy & the Duke of Secrets
A spirited young lady with a dream. A duke in disguise. A compromising situation.

Lucy Bell burns with determination. Convinced an arrogant aristocrat is to blame for her expulsion from her beloved school, the penniless girl sets out to visit her best friend to help her undo the catastrophe. But when a storm on the road leaves her in a compromising position with a handsome gardener, she is swept away by his gruff kindness.

Henry, Duke of Ashmore, lives and breathes duty. So, though he suspects he’ll regret it, he grudgingly offers the chatterbox with the bouncy curls a seat in his coach. But despite her attracting disasters, he somehow finds himself sharing his long-buried emotions with the disarmingly unconventional woman.

Shocked when her charming Henry is revealed to be the duke she thought she’d loathe, a floundering Lucy tries to gain his trust…but only manages to leave mayhem in her wake as she falls from one mishap into another. And Henry is mystified when he pledges to do the honorable thing, only to have the spirited mischief-maker give him a sound set-down.

When scandal strikes and her past finally catches up with her, Lucy faces an impossible dilemma. Will her love ruin those dearest to her heart?

For the Duke of Secrets is not the only one wearing a disguise.

If you like cheeky heroines, light-hearted banter, and unexpected twists, then you’ll adore Sofi Laporte’s charming masquerade.

Arabella and the Reluctant Duke
A runaway Duke’s daughter. A dashingly handsome blacksmith. A festering secret.


Everything was a lie…until it all unraveled.

Being a Duke’s daughter is not what it’s cut out to be. Surely, there must be more to life than embroidery, balls, and finding a husband? Running away to work as a governess, Lady Arabella does not count on being hired by a precocious 14-year-old girl who runs the family….and a dashingly handsome father.

Mr. Philip Merivale, inventor, blacksmith, and widowed father of three lively children, is not amused. There is one thing he dislikes the most: the aristocracy.

Clearly, the pretty girl who answered his daughter’s advertisement must be a lady. Why did she choose his family for her social experiments? She must be taught a lesson on middle-to-lower-class life.

Adjusting to her new life is difficult, especially when Philip is bent on challenging her at every turn. As the spats between the two grow to undeniable attraction, Arabella uncovers Philip’s devastating secret that jeopardizes everything.

How can Arabella succumb to love when her real identity is what Philip despises the most?


Arabella and the Reluctant Duke is A Sweet Regency Romance full of witty banter and hilarious mischief, wrapped up in a heart-warming happily-ever-after.

Arabella and the Reluctant Duke
Book 2
Birdie and the Beastly Duke
Book 3
Birdie and the Beastly Duke
A battle-scarred duke. A substitute bride. A dangerous secret that brings them together.


The Honorable Roberta Talbot is tired of being the practical one in her family. As the impoverished daughter of a reckless baron, she has spent years supporting her mother and siblings. When a chance meeting brings an opportunity for adventure her way, Birdie grabs hold and takes it… all the way to a haunted castle in Scotland and into the domain of its beastly lord. A tormented past…

Captain Gabriel Eversleigh never expected to become the Duke of Dunross. Racked by survivor’s guilt after the Battle of Waterloo, Gabriel wishes for nothing more than to be left alone in his tower. Bound by honour to fulfil his promise to wed a girl he has never met, Gabriel plans to be a husband in name only. But the bold young woman who arrives as his bride is irksomely determined to upend both his life and his castle. Worst of all, she pulls on the strings of a heart he thought was long since dead. A committed wife… Determined to turn her sham marriage into the real thing, Birdie not only confronts the ghosts of Gabriel’s past but stirs up a dangerous secret hidden deep within the castle walls. When Gabriel discovers he’s married the wrong bride, will their love be able to flourish, or will his softening heart harden once more?

♥♥♥ This Beauty and the Beast variation is a sweet Regency romance and a standalone that is part of the Wishing Well series, which can be read in any order.

Penelope and the Wicked Duke
A princess in disguise. A charming lord. A quest for true love.


Half-Indian, orphaned and abandoned… …Penelope Reid is done waiting for love. Masquerading as a boy, she ventures to London to search for the man she’s loved her entire life: her elusive guardian, who’s all but forgotten she even exists. But proving her mettle in the bewildering world of men turns out to be a challenge. Lost and out of her depths, she prowls the streets of London, until she crashes headlong into a charming dandy whose sleepy grey eyes are more perceptive than she thinks. Lord Archibald Alworth takes Pen under his wing and derives great amusement from introducing her to the glittering life of the Regency bachelor.

As Pen falls from one muddle into another, he is prepared to haul her out of gaming hells and duels. Becoming increasingly irked that she will neither trust nor confide in him, he questions his self-imposed role as guide and protector. For there is something about the spirited beauty that grabs him and won’t let go. Pen’s world crashes when she discovers the shocking truth about her guardian. When a mysterious patron steps forward to sponsor her for a season on the condition that she transforms herself back to a lady, Pen finds herself in a pickle. For she’s not only lost herself and her heritage… …she no longer knows the truth of her own heart.

Can the lady Penelope find the love that the lad Pen couldn’t?

This sweet and clean romance is a story about friendship, a girl’s fierce loyalty and search for identity, and that true love isn’t always where you think it is.

Penelope and the Wicked Duke
Book 4
A Mistletoe Promise
A Mistletoe Promise
When an errant Earl and a feisty schoolteacher are snowed in together over Christmas, mistletoe promises happen…

All alone in a girls’ school in Bath. This is not how Frances Littleworth imagined she’d celebrate Christmas. But when a handsome stranger unexpectedly collapses on the doorstep, the kind-hearted schoolteacher decides to take him in and nurse him back to health. At least it won’t feel quite so lonesome on Christmas, with this fever-garbling stranger to tend to. When the grateful but mysterious convalescent insists she hire him as a drawing master, Frances hesitates. For this man’s flirtatious charm is a dangerous threat to the careful order of her life—and her well-guarded heart.

Mr Percy Tiverton, future Earl of Halsford, disillusioned nobleman and divinely talented artist, has never had to work in his entire life. Yet he is determined to prove that he can fend for himself without relying on his father’s fortune, using solely his artistic talents. If only he can convince this stubborn but enchanting woman that he is serious about his position—and her. For he has never met a woman quite like her. So sweet. So stubborn. So kissable!

As the school’s substitute headmistress, Frances is determined to maintain a professional relationship with the new teacher and keeps the charming stranger at an arm’s length. She cannot afford to lose her position again over a mere flirtation. Yet what should she do when her heart races every time he glances at her?

Then there is this fateful encounter under the mistletoe….

A sweet, heart-warming Christmas Regency romance to fall in love with.

The Wishing Well Series Boxset
Romance, Mayhem and Happily Ever After

Four young ladies bound together by a wish…Lucy, Arabella, Birdie and Pen. Follow each of their stories in the Complete Wishing Well Series Box Set by Sofi Laporte

These delightfully different Regency Romance novels are sweet and lively, with a sprinkle of mischief.

The Wishing Well Series Boxset