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A Mistletoe Promise
A Mistletoe Promise
When an errant Earl and a feisty schoolteacher are snowed in together over Christmas, mistletoe promises happen…

All alone in a girls’ school in Bath. This is not how Frances Littleworth imagined she’d celebrate Christmas. But when a handsome stranger unexpectedly collapses on the doorstep, the kind-hearted schoolteacher decides to take him in and nurse him back to health. At least it won’t feel quite so lonesome on Christmas, with this fever-garbling stranger to tend to. When the grateful but mysterious convalescent insists she hire him as a drawing master, Frances hesitates. For this man’s flirtatious charm is a dangerous threat to the careful order of her life—and her well-guarded heart.

Mr Percy Tiverton, future Earl of Halsford, disillusioned nobleman and divinely talented artist, has never had to work in his entire life. Yet he is determined to prove that he can fend for himself without relying on his father’s fortune, using solely his artistic talents. If only he can convince this stubborn but enchanting woman that he is serious about his position—and her. For he has never met a woman quite like her. So sweet. So stubborn. So kissable!

As the school’s substitute headmistress, Frances is determined to maintain a professional relationship with the new teacher and keeps the charming stranger at an arm’s length. She cannot afford to lose her position again over a mere flirtation. Yet what should she do when her heart races every time he glances at her?

Then there is this fateful encounter under the mistletoe….

A sweet, heart-warming Christmas Regency romance to fall in love with.