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Georgians in Paris

All's fair in love and peace...
1774. In the decade-long respite from war with France, the English flooded the Continent. And like a siren, Ancien Régime Paris beckoned, promising elegance, adventure, and love.
From kitchens to ballrooms, delight your palate with Georgians in Paris, four clean and sweet romance novellas to be enjoyed in any order.

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Recommended Reading Order

The Vicomte’s Masquerade
The Vicomte's Masquerade
He's the last man she’d ever marry. She’s the last woman he’ll ever love


Sent to Paris with her elderly chaperone, Miss Melinda Finlay resists her arranged marriage to a haughty French vicomte. The headstrong beauty would rather drown in the channel than marry the odious man! Fate intervenes when a dashing Scottish traveler crosses their path, offering assistance and a carriage ride to Paris. Little does Mellie know that this charming stranger carries his own burden of hidden truths.

As their enchanting adventure unfolds amidst the splendour of the Tuileries and Versailles, Mellie and Philippe discover a passionate connection that neither had anticipated. Yet, as the shadow of Mellie’s impending nuptials looms over them, she faces an impossible choice.
Will she have the audacity to defy the shackles of societal convention and follow her heart?

♥ The Vicomte’s Masquerade is a lighthearted, sweet, clean & wholesome 18th century romance novella. ♥