Mistakes not to make when avoiding a rake by Fenna Edgewood

Updated: May 7, 2021

This is a wonderful novel by debut author Fenna Edgewood, and what a stunning novel it is! This low-steam Regency Romance the first instalment of the Gardener Sister series. It’s a fun, engaging read that is difficult to put down!

Claire is determined not to marry. Ever. Especially not rakes. Claire is content with her quiet life in the countryside reading books and taking care of her younger sister. Until she meets Thomas Campbell, who is absolutely everything she dislikes: handsome, moody, infuriating and … a rake.

Thomas is intrigued by the willful beauty who doesn’t mince words when voicing her opinion. Whenever the two meet they match wits and sparks fly – until it sets off a passionate fire that puts them both into a compromising situation. It is a dilemma for both Claire and Thomas: Claire, who’s vowed to never marry, and Thomas, whose personality might just be deeper than what appearance implies. He harbors some secret. Still waters run deep and not everything is as it appears. Can love overcome prejudice on both sides?

This is a very well written story with wit, fast-paced dialogue, sharp characters and an engaging story with little twists and turns that keeps you on your toes. The side characters and their stories are lovable as we learn to care for Edward, Fanny, and little Gracie. What is truly enjoyable (and gave me some laugh-out moments) are the excerpts of the Bedford Chronicles, giving contrary (and rather infuriating) advice on how to avoid rakes – of course our dear Claire will find herself in exactly those situations. But no spoilers, grab your copy and don’t miss this wonderful novel by Fenna Edgewood!

This is a slow burn regency romance with low-moderate (open door) steam.